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How To Take A Selfie With Your DSLR

Selfies are really popular right now.

In fact, my granddaughter told me taking a selfie is part of her morning routine. Get up, brush teeth, put on make-up, eat breakfast, take a selfie, go to school.

Here is a typical selfie:

selfie with a phoneAnd do you know about the “duck face”? It’s a trend that has taken over the teenage world. Take a look:

duck face selfie

Even us older folks do it (selfies, not duck faces). Here’s one of me.

selfieBut notice that this picture does not have the typical earmarks of a selfie.

How do you take a picture of yourself and have it look like someone else took it?

Here’s how I did this one:

I happen to have a Canon Rebel T3i and T4i, so I set up one and held one. I put a floor lamp where I would stand and focused on the lamp shade, then I turned off auto-focus so the camera would not re-focus. Then I set the camera on its 10-sec timer and pressed the shutter button. Ten seconds is a long time; plenty of time to move the lamp and take my place.

Of course, I personally don’t do selfies every day, but I do need a profile picture now and again. And if you are in the same boat, take a look at the video I created about how to do just that.

The price of a T3i has never been better. And, honestly, the two cameras have almost the same features. I don’t understand why there is such a big difference in price.. check it out below.