5 Ways To Improve Your “Focus” In Photography

How to “Focus”?

How to improve your focus
Many of us really need to adjust our focus.. it is all wrong.

This is kind of a pun or play on words. Most who read the title will think it is about the technical skill to improve your focus. However, this article is actually about ways to focus on the right things and keep moving and improving as a photographer.

So here are some simple ways to stay focused on the important stuff and avoid the things that keep us from our favorite pastime.

Hint #1: Focus on taking pictures.. get up and go. There are many distractions around us, mostly due to the improvement and availability of technology. I mean, what can’t you find on the Internet? Absolutely nothing.
Don’t let these distractions keep you from getting out and taking pictures. Make it a goal to use your camera every day, or at least every other day. Weekends are excellent times to take pictures. So, just do it!

Hint #2: Focus on your favorite subjects. You like horses? Take pictures of horses. Don’t worry if no one else is taking the same kind of pictures. Your enjoyment and motivation are what will keep you interested in photography. If you have multiple interests, even better. Get the camera off the shelf and start snapping where your interest and passion lie.

Hint #3: Quit focusing on trying to get something different. Many photographers, or “would-be photographers,” think they have to take pictures of something no one else is taking. They think if someone else is taking pictures of flowers, they can’t take them because they are copying. Not so. Take the pictures you love of the subjects you love. If you are truly passionate about the subjects you are photographing, your pictures will turn out fine, and you will have an audience that loves them, as well.

Hint #4: Don’t focus on the gear. If you think you need the newest and best equipment to make you a better photographer, you have the wrong focus… totally. Nice equipment is fine, but it is not what makes the picture. The photographer makes the picture. Actually, you can give yourself a challenge and go out to take pictures with only a limited amount of gear, maybe one camera and a single lens. See what you come up with. You will amaze yourself.

Keep your focus
When I need inspiration, I take some macro shots. They help me to keep my focus in the right place.

Hint #5: Don’t focus on the forums. Photography forums are fine, but if you listen to every pixel peeper in every forum, you will be unable to focus on the real photography – the kind that you love. There are those who are quite knowledgeable lurking in the forums waiting for someone else to come along and post a simple question so they can overpower them with “photo genius” answers. They tend to make you feel inferior and inadequate. So avoid them like the plague.

You can just focus on the simple task of taking pictures that please you. They will please others, too. This will bring satisfaction and contentment rather than envy and covetousness.

Happy Shooting!