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Hey, I’m Wayne

New and enthusiastic photographers.. this site’s for you!

Seriously, I believe you can be a great photographer. All you need is some basic knowledge and some inspiration. Once you start taking better pictures, your love for photography will inspire you to continue shooting and learning.

What you will get here at WayneRasku.com is just that – basic photography knowledge and encouragement. You CAN get better as a photographer. Read the posts here, then go out and put into practice what you read. You can’t help but get better.

The posts are written for people just like you. After all, I was there not so long ago. I still make rookie mistakes, but I have learned enough to be able to correct those mistakes, and my desire is to help you take the next steps toward being better at the craft and art of photography.

You should start by downloading the free e-book. Go ahead, fill in your email address. There is no cost and no high pressure sales pitch. Oh, you will get a series of emails, but they are designed to continue the learning and inspiration. And you can unsubscribe at any time.. no hard feelings.

Hi, I’m Wayne. And I’m blessed! I’m not rich, I don’t drive a fancy car, I don’t live in a humungous house, and I don’t have the best camera money can buy. What I do have.. a fantastic, supportive wife of 43 years, a wonderful family, good health, a great job, and a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My hobby is photography. I love it. Which is why I started this blog. I figured that if I love it so much, there must be others who enjoy taking pictures and want to get better at taking those pictures. This blog is dedicated to letting others know what I have learned that has improved my photography. Some people start off taking award winning photos. They are naturals at it. Others, like me, need to work at it and learn about the craft and the creative part in order to get better. The good news is that this is not a hobby for just a select few anymore. Anyone can get better and eventually take pictures that will be satisfying to the photographer and uplifting to those who view them.

My Story

I started with a small point and shoot camera. My first digital camera was a 3 megapixel Olympus (read this post about “How Many Megapixels do I Need“). Being able to view the results as soon as I took the pictures and delete the losers right away was the most freeing experience. No longer would I have to spend my hard-earned cash to see snapshots that were horrible. Then I found a place online where I could learn more about my new found hobby at my own pace and on my own schedule. Lydna.com was the second life changing discovery related to photography. I signed up for a monthly subscription and began to learn, not only about cameras and photography, but about photoshop and other post processing software. I was hooked. It has been a few years now, and I am still learning every day. I enjoy taking pictures of nature most of all, but people and still life are fun for me as well. When I learn something new, I will share it here, whether it is a technique or a new piece of camera gear that may help others on their journey to get better at this hobby.

How To Support WayneRasku.com

Some of the links on the site are affiliate links, meaning that I get paid if someone clicks the link and purchases a product. However, I promise that when I insert one of these links, I will have used the product or wish I could use it :-). For instance, Lynda.com is an affiliate link, but it is a learning site that you can’t go wrong with unless you just don’t use it. There is so much value there, it seems unreasonable that you only have to pay $25 a month.. craziness. There are also some product links on the “Resources” page that earn me a few cents if you use them to buy the item. I invite you to subscribe to my email list by filling your email address below. You will receive an e-book full of ways to improve your photography (at no cost, of course), and I will be sending out some great information about how you can continue to get better as a photographer.

I invite comments, and I will respond to as many as possible. If you have a question, please feel free to post the question in the comment box, and I will try to answer it. If I don’t know the answer, I will research it and give you my findings.

My goal is for this blog to be a place of conversation. Thanks for stopping by.


  • buk lau

    simply amazing. I applaud you sir.

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    I LOVE YOU <3

  • Shaquinkah

    i wish you were my teacher and my coach!! AAAAHHH

  • Kiran

    your explanation on you tube about raw vs jpeg is awesome. for me it excellent and no one explain better than you. This subject was very confusing me and you help me so much.