Capture Fall Photography Color

Fall photography opportunities abound with a wonderful array of color and creative ideas for photographers. The rich reds, oranges, and yellows are quick to bring a “WOW” from your viewers.

Here are a few ideas about how to use this time of year to get more out of your photographic experiences.

Use your kids and your imagination.

We sometimes get so involved with the beautiful color, we forget to include people. They will add so much interest to your work.

Fall color with kids
Taking pictures of your kids and grandkids reaches a new level when you can add the interest of fall.

In the picture above, I asked the kids to imagine there was something mysterious above them.

And it is never hard to get them to play in a pile of leaves. Don’t miss that photo op!

Look up, down, and all around

There are wonderful opportunities if we just take the time to look for them. You don’t need any special cameras or lenses to get good photos. All you need is Fall.

Look up! You may be able to capture a fantastic splash of color with a gorgeous blue background.
Fall photography
Look down! Even when things look dull and drab, you can find interest in an old stump or fallen tree.
fall photography
Look around! This little bridge is in the middle of a church/school property. You would never know it unless you walked a few feet off the sidewalk.

Nature gives you a boost

fall photographyfall color on the waterUsing water for reflections is one way to double your color.

Use Backlighting

This is something we usually try to avoid.. direct sunlight or strong light is not always our friend. However, when used the right way, the bright light can really add to your pictures.

fall photography with backlight

Water with Color

fall photography with waterCreeks are great places to take pictures during the fall (or anytime).

landscapes and fall photographyFinally, and most obviously, fall photography landscapes are begging you to take out the camera and start shooting.