My New Canon EF-S 60mm Macro

I do believe that it’s love at first snap!

This is one of the first shots I took with this new macro lens.
This is one of the first shots I took with this new macro lens.

My Very First EF-S Lens

I have been wanting a Canon ef-s 60mm macro lens for quite some time. I just needed a good excuse to get it, and, of course, I needed the cash. Well, this week the stars were all lined up perfectly, and this afternoon, the lens was delivered before I arrived home.

Made this video about the EF-S 60mm lens with the grandkids.. such fun!

It is actually my very first EF-S lens at any focal length. This kind of lens is only for DSLR cameras that are not full frame. They are referenced as “crop sensor” or APS-C sensor cameras. The reason I have not purchased one before is that I intended to eventually get a full frame camera. However, I am totally satisfied with my Rebels. And I am not going pro anytime soon. EF-S lenses also work on other Canon models, such as 60D, 70D, and 7D, which are really powerful, darn near professional cameras.

When I wrote this post, I had only taken about 15 shots, but every one was totally acceptable with respect to quality and sharpness. It could be photography heaven LOL

Most of the pictures I shot were very close up, but here is one where I stepped back a couple of feet..
tickseed flowers with Canon EF-S 60mm macro lens
Not bad, right?

Value For Bucks

In my humble opinion, this lens is pretty darn good. It costs about $350, which is an excellent price for an honest-to-goodness macro lens.

One of the most important things to check when looking for a lens is what others think about it. In the case of the Canon EF-S 60mm macro, it has a 4.8 star rating. That is an awesome rating.

(If you are interested in purchasing, please use the link to Amazon. Amazon is a trusted online seller, and it will help me to keep doing what I love to do – take more pictures and maintain my website.)

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