Easy Bird Photography

Bird Photography Might Be Much Easier Than You Imagined

Don’t think you need the most expensive camera or lens for bird photography.

bird photography - house finchI am a fan of easy, even when it comes to something that seems difficult like bird photography. Most of the birds I photograph are common, not exotic, and I don’t have to travel to the depths of the Amazon River Basin where no civilized man has gone before to get the pictures. Rather, I simply take them from the comfort of my own home.. right outside the kitchen window. Continue reading Easy Bird Photography

What Do I Photograph When I Don’t Know What To Photograph?

What do I photograph?

Now that I have my new camera, what do I photograph? I mean, after I have photographed everything around me?

Have you ever come to a place that you just look around for something to shoot but can’t think of anything? It’s kind of like “writer’s block.” In fact, it happens to me quite often. The way I get past this problem is by visiting a few different web sites that have photographer’s challenges. Continue reading What Do I Photograph When I Don’t Know What To Photograph?

Photography Tip – Using The Self-Timer

Self-timers.. most cameras have them.

What is the Self-Timer good for?

Excellent question.

Tack-sharp photos using the self-timer
Get really sharp pictures using your camera’s self-timer.

We are all familiar with this scenario: group shot and we all want to be in it. Put the camera on a ledge or table. Press the shutter button and run around to get into the shot. Self-timer gives us 10 seconds to get into position, and… Bam! We got the shot!

Well, contrary to the popular belief that the self-timer is only good for taking a group shot like this or a self portrait, this handy little feature is good for much more. Continue reading Photography Tip – Using The Self-Timer

Take Sharp Pictures – Discover THE #1 Reason For Blurry Photos

Great Discovery – Why Many Pictures End Up In The Trash Bin

My goal for this post is to reveal what I consider to be the #1 Reason for Blurry Photos.

Have I mentioned yet that I teach photography? To kids.

That’s right. I get paid to do what I love.

blurry photos - no more
Welcome to Moe’s
Once I taught my granddaughter the “secret” about blurry photos, she started getting sharp photos nearly every time. This one was taken in a rather dark restaurant. Notice the nice, sharp foreground in the picture.

In my experience, I have found there is one mistake that is made WAY more than any other, and when I show my young proteges this little secret, they immediately do two things.

First, they have an “aha” moment when the lightbulb goes off in their brain. It’s the lightbulb of photography knowledge and understanding. Continue reading Take Sharp Pictures – Discover THE #1 Reason For Blurry Photos

Capture Fall Photography Color

Fall photography opportunities abound with a wonderful array of color and creative ideas for photographers. The rich reds, oranges, and yellows are quick to bring a “WOW” from your viewers.

Here are a few ideas about how to use this time of year to get more out of your photographic experiences.

Use your kids and your imagination.

We sometimes get so involved with the beautiful color, we forget to include people. They will add so much interest to your work.

Fall color with kids
Taking pictures of your kids and grandkids reaches a new level when you can add the interest of fall.

In the picture above, I asked the kids to imagine there was something mysterious above them. Continue reading Capture Fall Photography Color

Maybe You Don’t Need That New Camera Gear To Take Better Pictures

“To Buy or Not To Buy,” That Is The Question

I don’t know about anybody else, but I have had “gear envy” more often than I like to admit.

RedHeaded Woodpecker
I did not need an expensive long-range lens to get this picture.. I got the bird to come to me.

I have told myself many times, “If I just had that lens (or new camera) I would be able to take better pictures.. AWESOME pictures!”

It’s really easy to get the “itch” for a new camera or some other piece of photography gear.

And, in my own defense, I like to think that with each piece of camera gear, I have gotten better as a photographer. But, is it because of the gear?

Maybe I have gotten better because I have learned more about the Art of photography rather than the equipment. In fact, I have long been a proponent of the idea that the gear does not make the picture, the photographer makes the picture.

But it sure is nice to be able to have the best camera or lens available, right?

What I have done in my reflections on gear vs craft is to come up with some reasons to put off buying and decide what are the important aspects of each shot.

And I have mentioned it before, but it is an important thought, “A good photographer can get a show-stopping shot using the most expensive camera or a cell phone or even a pin-hole camera.

So let’s take a look at some reasons to not buy the next best piece of camera gear.

Continue reading Maybe You Don’t Need That New Camera Gear To Take Better Pictures

Photography Fun – Tips and Tricks

Photography tips and tricksI have always liked making my images look their best in Photoshop or Picassa or PaintShop Pro.

And, you have no doubt heard the expression, “Photoshop me in,” when someone wants to be part of a picture who was not present when the photo was taken.

So combining these two concepts was a natural for me.

When I came across some videos by a guy who calls himself the Photo Extremist, I was all in for learning some of his tricks.

Here is the first photography “trick” I did.

photography tricks Continue reading Photography Fun – Tips and Tricks

Take Better Pictures Of Flowers – 7 Useful Hints For Better Flower Photos

You Can Learn How To Take Better Pictures Of Flowers

Take Better Pictures of FlowersIf you are anything at all like me, you love to take pictures of nature. It is the handiwork of our Creator. The beauty and variety are amazing.

Each flower is an individual and unique picture. But getting good, sharp pictures does take some knowledge and skill. In fact, if you have the knowledge, the skill kind of falls into place.

So here are a few helpful hints for getting better pictures of flowers. Continue reading Take Better Pictures Of Flowers – 7 Useful Hints For Better Flower Photos

Taking Pictures In Bright Sunlight

Why is taking pictures in bright sunlight such a bad idea?

Taking Pictures In Bright Sunlight
Too much sunlight made this a bad shot. The shirt is ok, but the face has too many shadows and the sky is too bright (it was a beautiful blue on this day).

Most photographers (yours truly included) recommend avoiding the bright sunlight of midday when taking pictures.

There are a couple of reasons that this is avoided as much as possible by pro photographers. Photos can have harsh shadows or blown out highlights (blown highlights are areas of the picture that are totally white and without detail). Bright sunlight can also cause lens flare, which is when there are little unwanted spots of light in the picture.

But what do you do when taking pictures in bright sunlight can’t be avoided?

Here are a few ways to help get better pictures in undesirable circumstances when sunlight is a problem. Continue reading Taking Pictures In Bright Sunlight

Megapixels – How Many Megapixels Do I Need?

Megapixel Truth

How Many Megapixels Do I Need
Got megapixel questions?

How many megapixels do I need? The question about megapixels does not come up as often as it used to, but there is still the belief that more megapixels means better quality.

In fact, this article is a direct response to a question I came across on the dpReview forum in the “Beginners Questions” category.

“I have a question about megapixels… I am in the market for my first DSLR and (the professional photographer who shot my wedding) told me that I wouldn’t need anything over 6mp and anything over that is gravy. Could this possibly be true? I want to do landscapes so I estimated something 14-18mp? Would a 6mp DSLR give that much better quality than my 14.1mp P&S?” Continue reading Megapixels – How Many Megapixels Do I Need?