Photography Fun – Tips and Tricks

Photography tips and tricksI have always liked making my images look their best in Photoshop or Picassa or PaintShop Pro.

And, you have no doubt heard the expression, “Photoshop me in,” when someone wants to be part of a picture who was not present when the photo was taken.

So combining these two concepts was a natural for me.

When I came across some videos by a guy who calls himself the Photo Extremist, I was all in for learning some of his tricks.

Here is the first photography “trick” I did.

photography tricksPretty simple, actually, if you know anything at all about Photoshop. You just set your camera on a tripod and take a photo of the background. Then put the banana in place.. I used a wire through the pieces to hold everything in place. Then I eliminated the bits that were holding stuff together to give the illusion of a floating banana.

Here is the banana before I took out the parts:photography tricks 2

Then I tried this photography trick – putting myself into the picture as three different characters.

photography tricks 3For this one, I actually took the picture in the basement and placed them into a photo of the wall which was taken in a totally different place. This was fairly simple.

Here are some of the other pictures from the Photo Extremist (his real name is Evan Sharboneau) tricksHDR photography

photo tips and tricks - infrared horse

Evan has a book that has been the best seller online for over a year now, and it is on sale for 1/2 price this week.

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Trick Photography

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