What Digital Camera Should I Buy

What Digital Camera Should I Buy? Oy Vey!

What Camera Should I BuyI have seen this question asked time and time again. Camera anxiety!

It hounded me for the longest time, too. While I did not go to Google and specifically type in “what digital camera should I buy” the truth is, that is what I wanted to know.

There should be some magic potion or a silver bullet that supernaturally imparts the answer into your subconscious. But, tragically, there is not.

But, Fear Not. I have the answer:

  • If you want a digital SLR, get a Canon.
  • If you want a point and shoot, get a Panasonic.

Pretty simple, huh? I think so.

This is a picture of my
Canon Rebel T4i.

Here’s the thing, and this is where the joking stops. I can recommend a Canon for DSLR buyers because I have been using them for years. And I can go even further and say that if you want a digital SLR for beginners, go for either a Canon Rebel T3ior a Canon Rebel T4i. They are the most current models (and I own them both right now), so they will last you for a long time before you have to upgrade.

This is the Panasonic ZS30
(the upgrade of my camera).

By the same token, I can recommend a Panasonic point and shoot camera because I also have used them for years. I currently have a Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS7. It is awesome. Not as awesome as the Canon Rebel T3i, but awesome for the type of camera that it is.

Why not Nkon or some other brand?

Nikon or Canon
Why don’t I recommend cameras other than Canon?  There are other cameras, I’m sure, that are just as good as what Canon has to offer, but I don’t have any personal experience with them. I can stand behind the Canon brand because I have been very intimate with their digital SLR cameras for quite a few years. I know there are others who would say the same about Nikon, Pentax or Sony, but I am not in a position to champion or defend those brands.

Truth be told, I spent months trying to answer the first question: “What digital camera should I buy.” For hours upon hours, days upon days, I would go from one web site to another, looking for a definitive answer. I was convinced that it was between Canon and Nikon, simply because there was (and is) such a heated debate over which is best.

Here is how I finally made up my mind. I was a member of a now defunct photographers’ web site called Digital Image Cafe. They had a daily “Photo of the Day” contest with 10 categories. I would keep track of the winners and what camera the winning photograph was taken with. It was quite close between Canon and Nikon, but Canon had a few more winners than Nikon.

The rest is history. I have been a Canon owner ever since. But if Nikon had recorded more winners, I would today be declaring that Nikon is the best digital camera. It’s just the way that particular cookie crumbled.

Have you figured out yet that this argument is futile? It’s crazy, really. And now that I can look back on the decision making process, I see just how ridiculous it is.

The same is true with the decision about which point and shoot camera to buy. However, there are some huge differences in these kinds of cameras. This is because a few dollars can make a big difference in what you get in terms of quality. I recently bought several Panasonic FH25 cameras for use where I work, and they are also excellent cameras.
The problem with Panasonic is not with the cameras, it is just that they are not as widely available in stores.

So here is another recommendation. Buy online. When you buy online, you can get exactly what you want.

I know the typical story. You go to the store to get a “brand x, model z” camera. That store does not carry it. So you settle for another model because you had your heart set on going home with a camera. Many times this purchase ends up with you having “buyers’ remorse.” You didn’t really want that camera in the first place, so you imagine that it is not as good as the one you really wanted.

Don’t have buyer’s remorse. Buy online. (Sounds like a certain TV ad, huh?)

OK, that rant is done :-).

If you want to buy my recommended cameras, use the links below. When you do, you get what you want, and I get a few bucks so I can keep doing this (playing with my web site and taking pictures with my Canon Rebel T4i and my Panasonic Lumix DMS ZS7.